Amazing support from Tesco community team

15th February 2021

Tesco have been great sports supporting foodbank over the years. Building community relationships is key to our cause, we are very lucky to have this great team on our doorstep.

Tesco Extra – Community Champion Gilbert had an idea, that was to create a fundraiser for Salisbury foodbank by re-purposing their Bags of help unit.

This couldn’t have come at a better time for us, our warehouse is well stocked and we know people still want to give more.  So converting that Can in to Cash at your Tesco Superstore is a Win Win for us.   It will help us support our operating cost and allow us to continue to serve the increasing number of people reaching out for foodbank support.

I’ve been given a guide that these units will be in place until end of April or until we are able to have a team of fundraisers safely in store.

The idea caught on and now Tesco Metro are also offering the same support, Watch this space Tesco local. haha.

These cash donation points can be found at the store exits.

Salisbury Tesco Extra

Salisbury Tesco Metro


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