2023 Reverse Advent & Christmas Appeal

19th October 2023

I couldn’t go away before issuing reverse Advent!

Remember the main thing about advent is we get it BEFORE Advent –At the very latest by December 4th.  so we can get it to the people who need it most, by Christmas!

There will be many more Christmas resource on the way… but to kick start our appeal.

Download a PDF of our Reverse Advent here: ->   2023 reverse Advent v2


The idea around reverse advent is you buy 24 things the foodbank needs. One item for every day of advent. Make the final item a Christmas surprise, maybe its something you can’t do without at Christmas. ( NO alcohol please! )   My Christmas isn’t Christmas without Twiglets.

These items will make their way into “Special” Christmas support food parcels for people and families nominated by our referral partners.  Last year we supported over 500 people with home deliveries or Christmas hampers and 400 vulnerable people in supported accommodation with local charities and organisations.

It’s a big ask for us to ask you once again to support our cause.  At a time where we are all struggling and even before the first of the big winter fuel bill comes in.

If you are able to support as part of a group, work place, Church, street, family or School,  then please do!

Christmas appeal Posters and shopping lists are here:

2023 christmas-appeal-poster

2023 christmas-appeal-shopping-list-double-sided

Lets put some JOY and LOVE on people plates this Christmas. 

To make a financial contribution this Christmas  ->  DONATE HERE Or Cheques made payable to Salisbury Foodbank. Salisbury foodbank Unit 6b Ashfield Trading estate, SP2 7HL

Why not take the opportunity to set up a direct debit.  You can find out how here: Donate money – Salisbury Foodbank just don’t forget the gift aid form. 🙂

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