When a community comes together – Great things happen

1st December 2020

Monday Morning Surprise from Winterslow Churches together & Community


It was a cold foggy morning when the doorbell rang at Unit 6b.  We rarely know who awaits the other side.   Our wonderful visitors proclaimed. “We have a our reverse advent for you”

Not in our wildest dreams did we expect this grand community offering.  After we loaded one pallet, we were informed. “There is another full van to come”  Box after box was precariously balanced like a game of giant Jenga.  It contained, Food, Toiletries, Toys, Colouring books, pencils.

Hope, Joy and Love passed on from the communities of Winterslow into our safe keeping. This offering comes at a time when we are hurriedly packing Christmas hampers to support hundreds of families nominated for support over the Christmas period.

And can can you guess how much 2 full to the max pallets of stock / one car and a van / A full dinning room of donations weights?



That’s about the same weight as an Adult Camel, Grant Piano or mini Caravan.







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