2023 Harvest Update

19th October 2023

Hello all,

Thank you very much for your support during harvest. So far to date we have collected over 6 tonnes of food – with more still to come.  This will see us into the early winter months when demand starts to climb.

As I wind down for the half term break after a very hectic 6 weeks travelling around schools of south Wiltshire.  I can reflect on all the happiness I’ve seen, all the joy in the singing of harvest songs and the lesson I’ve learnt myself along the way.

From visiting vast school halls to assemblies held in tiny village classrooms, children have been engaged 100% of the way.  I’m always astounded of children’s compassion for others.

Many of my talks this year focussed on the story “It’s a no money day”, but Kate Milner.  Read it if you get the chance.

I read this out in two churches St. Georges in Elston & St Marks in Salisbury.  both contrasting but amazing places to tell the story.  Both times I could feel a lump in my throat appear as I read out the words.

“Luckily Mum isn’t hungry”

We all knew mum was hungry.  Mum done her absolute best to make sure her child had breakfast that day.

We will continue to reach out and support everyone who needs our help. We have already provided 59,310 meals this year.  That 19,770 breakfasts provided, by you, our supporters.  Making sure mum doesn’t go hungry again!

School and Church Thank yous are on their way.

Enjoy the half term break.

Warmest regards, Maria


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